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Hi, I'm Leah! Creating things has always been a part of me. From an oddly young age I remember refinishing furniture, joining in on large canvas projects with my artist uncle, painting watercolors with my mom, attending operas and plays, and concocting new recipes in the kitchen. However, I never considered these passions might be things I could do professionally.


I attended the University of Florida and earned a masters degree in International Business. I spent one year studying abroad in Spain and traveling throughout Europe and my love for creativity, art, and culture only grew stronger.


After college, I met the love of my life, settled down and had three beautiful baby boys. When my youngest was just one year old, I underwent a surgery that required no lifting for months. Since I couldn't pick up anything over five pounds, I picked up something lighter: my paintbrush! In this time I discovered art wasn’t just something I should make time for on occasion, it was an integral part of my life. I haven't stopped painting since!


After 37 years of calling Tampa, Florida home, in 2020 I moved with my family to Rochester, NY. We now live on a big grassy piece of land where the boys roam wild - fishing, building forts, and making all sorts of art themselves. I spend much of my time gardening and this inspires my work.


My aim is to find and capture beauty in my everyday surroundings. From abstract portraits to highly textured florals my work is often described as vibrant, whimsical, and cheerful. My passion is to create meaningful art for my collectors that exudes beauty and joy.

I am in awe of the ways God has used my passion to help others discover theirs, whatever it may be. I am honored to be on this journey and so grateful for each person that has been a part of it.

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